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Family breakdown can be a difficult process, filled with disappointment and grief. At the law office of Howard J. Feldman, we will help you work your way through it and come out the other side.

Our philosophy is: Take the high road whenever possible.

We know that there will be conflicts — after all, conflict is what this is all about. Nobody goes through a divorce because they're looking forward to the experience.

But it doesn't have to be nothing but relentless pain. We can help make it civil, and settle your disputes fairly and positively.

Our Services

At our meeting, our lawyer will discuss:

  • Child-related issues: If you have children, custody and child support will be your first concerns. We can help you whether you and your co-parent are able to cooperate and find solutions together or you need to fight for your children's rights.
  • Spousal support: We will discuss your rights, as payor or recipient, determine support that will be fair to you both, and help you to separate your lives fairly and reasonably.
  • Property: Dividing your assets and debts must be done carefully. We will discuss issues such as the difference between common law and married spouses' rights, the matrimonial home and cottage, business assets, and exceptions such as inheritances and gifts.
  • Taxation: For both property division and support, the effects of taxation may influence your negotiations and decisions. We will make sure you understand the tax consequences of any decision you make.
  • International issues: Separations can become much more difficult when they involve out-of-country property or family ties. Property division, custody and support may all be affected.
  • Family law agreements: Marriage contracts and cohabitation/prenuptial agreements and separation agreements must all be properly negotiated and drafted. We will help clients draft flexible, comprehensive agreements, particularly for relationships involving partners with international connections.
  • Pensions: Your pension may have a profound effect on property division and spousal support.
  • Special kinds of property: A book of business, stock options, restricted share units, forgivable loans, and deferred compensation may have value as property that can be split on separation.
  • Recklessly incurred debt or depletion of assets: You may be shocked to find out that your spouse has gone into debt or has wasted assets, and worse, that through the equalization process you may have to share in that loss. In some cases, the court may relieve you from sharing in that burden.

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